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Welcome to Women of Wellness

How to be WOW!

A Coaching Programme about Reconnection

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WOW - How to be WOW (22)
WOW - How to be WOW (31)
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WOW - How to be WOW (15)
WOW - How to be WOW (17)
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About Women of Wellness

Creating Authentic Connections Through Courageous Conversations

Women of Wellness is a coaching programme that has been designed for you! That might sound a little lofty, even a tad arrogant, but in my years working as a coach I have become increasingly aware that there are themes that are common to all of us. From taking, or not taking, time for ourselves, feeling unworthy in our personal and professional spaces, and uncertain of our place in our own lives.

WOW! is about reconnecting with yourself, rediscovering your place in your life, and redefining what you want moving forward. It’s about learning to nurture yourself with love and compassion the same way you do for the others in your life. It’s about deepening what serves you and letting go what doesn’t. It’s about giving yourself the space and time to really know yourself, from a place of non-judgement and enoughness, and learning to speak your authentic truth.

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Why WOW?

This coaching course is about discovering and learning about what you need to do to thrive in your life. Bringing this programme together has taken me many years of learning, experience, missteps, and life's little surprises.

By drawing on the various tools, learnings, teachings, and wisdom I have accumulated over the years, I have become more mindful of living the work, rather than just sharing it.

This is a programme is about remembering who you are, and moving forward with clarity.

It's about having the courage, conviction, and commitment to speak your authentic truth in the world!

It's about you being the woman that you want to be!

The WOW Vision

Women of Wellness is committed to the wellbeing, empowerment and connection of women

WOW's vision is to create an authentic, meaningful space for women to (re)connect with themselves and their tribes.

WOW values truth, courage, authenticity and connection.

WOW honours vulnerability and showing up in our imperfection.

WOW is committed to delivering work that empowers and educates.

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Coaching is an empowering way to reconnect with your needs, wants and values. 

By getting clear on where your are and where you want to be, you drive your process of becoming a Woman of Wellness!

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The full programme is a six month process to invest in yourself. Through the work you will remember who you are. You will (re)discover your essence, (re)connect with yourself, and create an understanding of who you aspire to be. 

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