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Leigh-Anne Brierley - Nov 2021.tiff

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Working with Leigh-Anne has been a transformation, personally and professionally.  From being my teacher, mentor and then my personal coach who has walked beside me during a time when I believed I was stuck and hopeless. She is truly an amazing professional and person.  Her sessions always felt safe and the remarkable ability to make me feel heard and validated.  Love that through her questions and chats I found my way up and change happened.


I have a deep trust for Leigh-Anne. Not only as a highly skilled, informed and professional coach but also as a woman who has done her “work”. Her gravitas as a coach and facilitator is underpinned by a wisdom informed through a sound theoretical framework and an appreciation of what it is to be a real human and female in today’s world. She embodies depth, insight, resilience and courage. There are few women I would entrust as much when embarking on a personal journey of growth and self-acceptance.


I didn’t know how quickly a mindset could change until I met Leigh-Anne. One minute you are on your righteous high horse and the next you are humbled, and empowered with knowledge. Thank you for equipping me with the knowledge to better understand and respond not only to addiction, but to my partner and relationship as a whole. I still need lots of work, but am forever grateful for your impactful, honesty and wise words. A little understanding goes a long way!
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