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Leigh-Anne has been my 'life coach' for almost seven years.  My initial sessions were to support me coping with my husband's addiction.   As the months went by Leigh-Anne recognised that I was suffering from deep trauma and my own childhood issues.  So our sessions included dealing with the tragic loss of my brother, my father's alcoholism, and the loss of my ex-husband.   Leaving me essentially being a single parent.   After every session with Leigh-Anne I would leave feeling empowered and reminded of my own inner strengths.  While Leigh-Anne remains objective, and her professional coaching and support skills give you the tools to manage.  She is deeply compassionate and has an inner wisdom which I have not seen in all the years of previous counsellors.


Leigh-Anne immediately made me feel at ease which allowed me to have a space to be myself and express how I felt and what I needed help with. She has helped me in various ways both personally and professionally and has taught me so much in which I will forever be grateful for. Leigh-Anne is an inspirational and authentic women who I am honoured to have met and had as my supervisor.


Leigh-Anne is the one and only coach I will ever want to see. She does her job extremely well, She made me feel cared for and supported, never giving up on me. I couldn't  imagine being coached by anybody else. If I could give her a rating it would be a 10/10. 
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ To her it's not just a job.
I could tell it's her passion.


My sessions with Leigh-Anne were real and I was invited to be at ease and express my deepest anxieties, regrets, resentments, and everything else that surfaced during therapy in an open, honest, safe space. The absence of judgement was liberating. I always felt supported and that being an imperfect human in a world that demands perfection, is just fine. Leigh-Anne is so flexible and understanding, patient and compassionate so I came away after each session with a sense of peace as well as inspiration. Leigh-Anne helped me through the darkest time of my existence and though I've always been a firm supporter of therapy, I found that I really connected with her on a level few people/therapists understand. The fact that she was able to relate to my process of recovery from having experienced it herself, made me feel accepted. My sincerest gratitude to you Leigh-Anne, you will remain my go-to life coach as long as you are in practice.


I have attended wellness groups with Leigh- Anne numerous times and I absolutely love her energy and the way she teaches and coaches us on being well and how to navigate everything that comes with it, Her approach is with an immense amount of love and care and there is zero judgement from her in any way. She always provides a safe space for everyone, at all times.
Leigh you have changed the way I view life and recovery and I am so thankful to have crossed paths with you and look forward to many more sessions in your groups!


Leigh-Anne is one of the most proficient and dedicated professionals I have come across in my studies. She was my supervisor for my internship as a training psychologist and my experience with her was nothing short of inspirational. She is well-read and up to date on all aspects of addiction and has a deep empathy for people that is hard to come across. I would highly recommend engaging in her coaching courses.
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